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Losing Emma

I received a call from a staff member at Dekalb Animal Shelter about a lady who had called wanting to surrender her cat. The lady's breast cancer has progressed and is now terminal. She can no longer care for her cat and made the heartbreaking decision to let her go. I agreed to help and was given the lady's contact information. Before I could call, my phone rang and when I heard the weak voice on the other end I knew who it was.

I let the lady know about our pet care services so she could keep her cat, but she was emotionally ready to surrender her. I arranged to pick up Emma and when I arrived my heart broke even more. Sitting next to Emma was the lady's 9 year old son. A pet losing its owner is sad enough, but a child losing a parent is gut wrenching. They both told me about making the decision to adopt a cat. Her son had begged for a cat for months and she finally gave in. They went to DeKalb Animal Shelter to meet the cats. Her son said he picked out Emma because she was pawing at the glass like she was begging to be adopted. His sweet heart wouldn't let him walk away without her. The lady named her Emma because she thought it was a pretty name that suited the pretty cat.

Her son helped me pack Emma's belongings and I asked him how he felt about everything. He shrugged and said he wasn't sad. Kids can be so tough and resilient. I took a picture of him with Emma and they both said goodbye to her. I promised to find a good home for Emma and I intend on keeping that promise.

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