Our goal is to ensure that terminally ill pet owners and those who are elderly can keep their pets for as long as possible. We offer pet care to ensure pets get the care they need so that they can stay with their owners even when the owner cannot physically care for them.


Dog Walking

We offer 30 minute and 60 minute walks. During the visit we can also feed and administer pet medications. 

$25 for 30 Minutes, $3 for each additional dog

$46 for 60 Minutes, $5 for each additional dog


Cat Visits

Our 30 minute cat visits include litter box maintenance and play time. We can also feed and administer pet medications. 

$25 per visit, $3 for each additional cat, up to 5 cats. 



We can help ensure pets get the vet and grooming care they need by providing transportation to their appointments. 

$25 per one way up to 15 miles, $0.25/mile over 15 miles.

We offer packages for those customers wanting multiple visits.

Contact us at TransitionsPetCare@gmail for those reduced rates!

**Free pet care may be available to those who qualify financially. Contact us at TransitionsPetCare@gmail.com for more information or if you would like to give the gift of pet care to someone facing the end of life**