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We offer FREE pet care to ensure pets get the care they need so that they can stay with their owners even when the owner cannot physically care for them. Owners enrolled in our pet care program receive free pet care, transportation to pet appointments, assistance with vet expenses, temporary foster care, and rehoming services. 

Request for services: 


Dog Walking

We can provide a FREE 30 minute walk to ensure the dogs get the exercise they need. During the visit we can also feed and administer pet medications. 


Cat Visits

Our cat visits include litter box maintenance and play time. We can also feed and administer pet medications. 



We can help ensure pets get the vet and grooming care they need by providing transportation to their appointments. 

Our services are FREE, but we do accept donations to help cover our costs. Just $20 can provide a pet visit to ensure these pets get the care that they need. 

320 Visits Completed in 2023
        530 Visits Completed in 2022

     Pet Care Counter

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