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Estate Planning for Pets

As part of our mission to help people and their pets, we provide a Pet Planning Form and encourage all pet owners, regardless of age or health status, to complete it. Most of us, when we adopt new pets, expect to outlive them, but many pet owners sadly don't. Friends and family are left having to figure out what to do with the pet. The lucky pets are taken in by friends or family of the deceased either out of obligation or love for the person or the pet. The unlucky ones are either taken to the shelter or euthanized. 

Below is the Pet Planning form and a form for additional pets for packs of more than 3. Click on the PDF icon for the forms to open them. Email us at if you have questions, trouble with the forms, or need a nonfillable Pet Estate Planning form. It is important to note that this is considered an informal plan and not enforceable by law. Only a pet trust is a legally binding plan for your pets.

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