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A Home for Sockie

Sockie was the pride and joy of Ray and Jean. A friend had given Sockie to them 5 years ago and the family of three were inseparable. In return for Ray and Jean's love and care, Sockie took on the responsibility of keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeders on the deck. This was a great source of entertainment for the couple who would watch Sockie dash out his doggy door and let the squirrels know they needed to move along. When taking a break from his job, Sockie's favorite place was next to Ray in an overstuffed chair. Sockie even left a little indention where he laid next to Ray throughout the years.

Sadly, Ray and Jean's health both declined and they were unable to stay in their home. Jean went to a facility where she could get the care she needed and Ray went to live with family. Luckily, Sockie was able to stay with the family too. He remained by Ray's side until Ray's heart gave out and he passed away a few months later.

The family, unable to care for Sockie, tried to find a new home for him but couldn't find anyone who wanted a 10 year old dog. They didn't have the heart to take Sockie to a shelter but needed a solution. One of the board members at Transitions Pet Care heard about Sockie and agreed to take him into the agency’s foster care. As Sockie was getting settled into his foster home, a retired man saw Sockie's picture and wanted to adopt him.

The man had also recently experienced a loss when his beloved dog passed away. Wanting to fill the void in his heart with a new dog, he sent Transitions Pet Care an email inquiring about Sockie. He agreed to foster Sockie for a short time to make sure Sockie would be a good fit for him and his cat. Sure enough, the two bonded right away. Without hesitation, the man agreed to adopt Sockie and promised Sockie that he'll always have a home with him.

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